Experience Sets CSDS Aircraft Apart

CSDS Aircraft is one of the leading aircraft leasing and selling companies in the entire aviation industry. What sets them apart is their team of experienced experts as well as their vast array of different aircraft available for purchase or lease. Unlike some of their competitors, CSDS Aircraft reviews their processes often to ensure they are offering their customers with the best possible service. The company works with clients on a global scale. No matter where you operate from, if you’re in the market to lease or purchase an aircraft, CSDS Aircraft can help.

The experience of the staff at CSDS Aircraft starts with President, Benedict Sirimanne. As the Founder and President, Sirimanne utilizes his engineering background and more than ten years of experience operating Boeing aircraft to ensure that his company provides only the highest quality aircraft to their customers. Sirimanne understands what an important decision finding the proper aircraft for your particular needs is and believes in finding the proper solutions that leave customers beyond satisfied with each and every transaction.

The second-in-command for CSDS Aircraft is Executive Vice President, Christopher Keller. Keller has served in many different roles during his time in the aviation industry.  With more than 12 years of experience, Keller has been a deal originator, a lease administrator, and an investment manager. His experience has made him a specialist in asset placement on a global scale. His main focus is on maximizing the value of every aircraft acquire. Keller heads the sale, teardown, release or conversion of every aircraft. Keller is also an attorney who is well equipped to handle the negotiation of contracts and legal terms. All purchase and sale agreements are reviewed by Keller.

While the experience of Sirimanne and Keller may be the leading reason people choose to work with CSDS Aircraft, their commitment to only offering the highest quality aircraft is a close second. This can be seen on their Aircraft Available page, which is updated often to reflect the current crop of aircraft available for lease or purchase. CSDS Aircraft reviews the demands of their clients to keep the proper aircraft available for your unique needs.

The current selection includes a number of cargo planes, Boeing 767s and Airbuses. There are also a number of different types of helicopters and VIP jets are coming soon. Should you just need aircraft engines or other parts, CSDS Aircraft can assist you there as well. The team is always happy to answer questions and provide their customers with the aviation solutions needed. Be sure to visit their contact us page today.

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